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UNHS recommends the following guidelines when visiting our clinics

Utah Navajo Health System Services

Please follow CDC and Department of Health guidance.

If you suspect you have the coronavirus (cough, high fever, trouble breathing AND a potential history of exposure), please call and notify us in advance so we can take precautions and triage, check you in, and treat you without you entering the facility. In the next few days, we will begin virtual iPad check-in and virtual conversations with doctors for suspected cases. You’ll then be able to use the Pharmacy drive-thru for medication. The intent is to have the entire visit done from your car or outside the clinic.


If you are sick, please do not accompany a healthy patient for your visit, and do not enter the facility except to seek care for yourself or someone you are responsible for. Please avoid our facilities if you are healthy. The Market Cafe in Montezuma Creek is currently closed to the public.


There will be no visitors allowed to patients who have confirmed or possibly have COVID-19.

Wear a mask if you have a cough. In fact, the Navajo Nation is requiring everyone to wear masks at the moment.


Please wash your hands and use alcohol sanitizer before and after leaving a patient room, and the facility.


UNHS (and all facilities) have a very limited number of tests. Your provider will determine whether or not a test is appropriate based on symptoms and travel history. Mild symptoms will most likely not receive a test unless there is a known exposure history. If you have mild symptoms, please stay home and self isolate.

These guidelines are being put in place for the safety of you, our patients, caregivers, and community. The elderly are especially vulnerable. Teach them the latest information on social distancing and prevention. Here is a public service announcement explaining Covid-19, it’s symptoms, and prevention in Navajo, have your grandparents listen to it.

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