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Navajo Nation Council recognizes former delegate


Robert Billie Whitehorse and offer condolences on his passing

Good morning staff,

As some of you may know, UNHS Board Member Robert Whitehorse passed away on Saturday. Robert led an exceptional life. He was a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Robert had been a board member since UNHS’ founding. He was passionate about UNHS and would do anything to help assist in our success. Robert loved to speak with tribal, state and federal representatives about our organization. Because of his leadership and advocacy, UNHS is well known and respected. He loved to “tell our story.”
Robert’s life was full of service. He honorably served our country in the US Army. He will receive military honors at his funeral. He served his community for over 30 years as a Council Delegate. He was also a spiritual man. He served almost a decade within the Native American Church of Navajoland.
On a personal note, Robert brought determination and humor to those who knew him. UNHS’ Board meetings have been lively and engaging because of his passion and sense of wit.
Robert cared deeply about each of you. He not only wanted UNHS to prosper but he wanted each of you to have happiness.
Graveside services will be Wednesday in Cortez. We thank each of you for your kind, well-wishes for the family.
UNHS Board of Directors and Administration

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