UNHS Dentist returns home to Blanding after long absence

Dr. Mosley

Dr. Kirk Mosley D.D.S. says returning to Blanding, forty-nine years after his family left to live in Arizona, is like living in a time warp, but he’s glad to be back as a contract dentist with UNHS.

  Dr. Mosley grew up in Blanding, and attended school here until his junior year of high school, in 1969. That’s when his family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. His mother was the daughter of Oscar Parley Hurst. Kirk said his family lived in the neighborhood around Continental St. on the southwest end of Blanding. While in Blanding he enjoyed most sports, but excelled in Cross-Country and track. When he moved to Scottsdale he focused on Cross-Country and track. He still enjoys running today. He and his family recently ran in a half-marathon in Arizona.

  He graduated from high school in Scottsdale and then served a mission for the LDS Church in Finland. After his mission he attended Brigham Young University and graduated in 1977. While at BYU Dr. Mosley considered becoming a medical doctor, until he met his wife-to-be, Karen. She told him she didn’t want to marry a Doctor, so he had a decision to make; be a Doctor or marry this girl. He compromised. He took a Pre-Dental class at BYU and liked it. It was in the medical field, and Karen had no objection to marrying a Dentist, so that was that. They’ve now been married 41 years.

  He then attended University of the Pacific - School of Dentistry and graduated in 1981. He had his own private practice in Tucson, Arizona, until 1990, when he entered the United States Army and served for three years as a Dentist in Germany. After the Army, Dr. Mosley and his wife settled in Arizona and raised a family. They have three sons and two daughters, all grown. Dr. Mosley practiced dentistry until 2012, when he and his wife had the opportunity to travel to China with a group from BYU and teach English to Chinese students. While there, he helped establish dental clinics and offer dental hygiene for Chinese people in Cheng Du, a city of 15 million people, next to a city of 30 million people. He explained that living in an area that large is like living in an area from the wind mills at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon, in Utah Valley, to Ogden, with the houses being 40 stories high instead of 2.

  While in China he also studied Mandarin Chinese, expanding to language base to English, Finnish, German, Spanish and Chinese. After their time in China was ended, he and his wife moved to Utah and now rent a home in Lehi, Utah. He works every other week at Blanding Family Dental and then goes back to Lehi the other weeks. Along with his love for running, Dr. Mosley also has a passion for coaching tennis. He currently helps coach the boys and girls tennis programs at Skyridge High School, in Lehi.

  “When I left Blanding there were only about 1500 people here, if I remember right,” Dr. Mosley said. “To think I’ve lived in China with two cities of 15 and 30 million people and then I’m back in Blanding. It’s quite a change. It’s like being in a time warp. I see a lot of old friends and it’s the friendly hometown I remember. It’s like I never left. The people are so friendly and kind.”

  When he’s not working or coaching tennis in Lehi, Dr. Mosley and his wife spend a lot of time traveling to see their children and 18 grandchildren in Washington, Arizona, Texas and in Utah. He calls it ‘making the circuit’.

  UNHS is glad to welcome Dr. Mosley back to Blanding as part of the staff at Blanding Family Dental. He’s done a great job so far and he has added a lot to the UNHS Dental team. If you see him around, or you remember him from the old days and haven’t had a chance to do so, say hello.