UNHS Behavioral Health hosts Unity for Prevention event

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Arizona State Senator Jamescita Peshlakai (L), from Tuba City,  attended the Unity for Prevention event at Monument Valley High School on June 9.  She is shown above with Kurt Holiday of UNHS Behavioral Health and Alyn Mitchell from San Juan Counseling.             Courtesy photo

by Kurt Delmar Holiday

  On Saturday, June 9th Monument Valley High School hosted the first ever UNITY for Prevention event. The event was hosted by members of the Tse’bii Nidzis’gai Tselkai Youth Coalition (Monument Valley Dine UNITY Council) a junior coalition that is an extension of the San Juan County – Prevention, Action, Collaboration (SJC-PAC) Coalition.

  During a junior coalition meeting in May, the members decided they wanted to present an event or project at the National UNITY conference which is being held in San Diego, California. However, they weren’t sure what they wanted to do.  UNHS Behavioral Health Outreach Workers, Autumn Secody and Kurt Holiday, were asked to help the students brainstorm. The students suggested a number of topics but couldn’t decide on just one. So, they decided to have various presenters come together and talk about these topics with the community. That is how the UNITY for Prevention event came to fruition.

  The planning process was well done and completed within 3-4 weeks. The topics discussed were Nutrition/Health, Spiritual  Growth, Teen Pregnancy, General Legal Information, Sexual Assault, Leadership, Suicide: Warning Signs, Prevention and Resources, Domestic Violence, Sticks & Stones of Bullying, College Preparation, and Child Abuse Prevention.

  Overall the event was a success, with ninety or more in attendance, all eager to learn the information being presented. As a special treat for the attendees comedians James and Ernie were invited to the event. A few of the attendees were surprised at the duo stating “these guys are legit” referring to the prevention topics that the two were discussing. UNHS – Behavioral Health would like to thank the presenters Marleen Valentine, Chester Stanley, Dallin Anderson, Katarina Benally, Glen Renner, Letitia Stover, Megan Horning, Yolanda Francisco-Nez, James Adakai, Niki Olsen, Shawna Whitehorse, Justin Galloway, Donald Mose III, and Gwen Knight. With an honorable mention for Arizona State Senator James-cita Peshlakai, who attended the event and later commented, “This is by far the most well-coordinated event I have ever attended.”


Unity 1 s.jpg Unity for Prevention participants...

Those pictured above participated in the recent Unity for Prevention event at Monument Valley High School on June 9. Shown (L-R) are James Adakai, Niki Olsen, Trevor Olsen, Glen Renner, Letitia Stover, Gwen Knight, Safety Saurus, Donald Mose III, Yolanda Seaton, Yolanda Fransico-Nez, Justin Galloway, & Chester Stanley.   Photo Kurt Holiday