UNHS adds newly refurbished unit to fleet of ambulances

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Refurbished interior of the new UNHS Ambulance with updated equipment, seating and flooring.         Staff photo

UNHS AMB s.jpg

Newest Primary 911 Ambulance at UNHS...

The newest ambulance for UNHS was delivered last week completely refurbished in Searcy, Arkansas. This is now the Primary 911 unit in Montezuma Creek.      Staff photo

UNHS EMS recently acquired a newly refurbished ambulance for its Montezuma Creek Ambulance Garage.

  This completely renovated vehicle has 4x4 capacity and is mounted on a new RAM 3500 chassis, which allows for a very smooth ride. The interior of the cab and the patient transport area have been thoroughly redone. The seats, flooring, custom console and radio unit in the cab are brand new. Between the cab and patient area is a pass-through window, rather than an open walk-through area for more sturdy construction. The patient transport box is completely redone. It is equipped with a new radio unit and two I.V. drawers, situated on the side of the cabin where the provider sits for easier access within reach during vehicle movement. The floor- ing, cabinets, storage shelves, HVAC system, cell phone booster system, I.V. warmer, seats and built-in car seat for pediatric use are all brand new. The handrails are new and painted yellow for easier access and visibility. There are additional storage spaces inside and on the exterior of the box. The patient care area includes another new feature. The care provider can see an interior turn light and braking indicator to warn of turning of stopping.

  UNHS EMS Director Dustin Coggeshell said the entire vehicle is designed to be more efficient and provide easier access to equipment and storage spaces to make transporting patients more convenient and smo-other for patients and EMS personnel. It also includes a liquid spring suspension system at the back of the unit, which lowers the back of the unit when the rear doors are open. This is easier on EMTs and provides injury prevention, because they don’t have to lift a patient as high when loading and unloading into the ambulance. This is easier and safer for patients, as well. The interior and exterior lights and the light bar on the cab roof are completely new and designed to provide more light when the ambulance arrives on scene. This makes the ambulance easier for approaching cars to see and allows for easier, safer working conditions for EMS personnel. The exterior of the ambulance was also completely repainted.

  The ambulance was refurbished by Priority Emergency Vehicles of Fouke, Arkansas and delivered last week to Montezuma Creek. Coggeshell said this will become the primary 911 Unit for the Montezuma Creek Ambulance Garage. This brings to five the total number of ambulances in the UNHS EMS fleet, three in Montezuma Creek and two in Monument Valley, where a new ambulance garage is being built soon. The fleet also includes three Rapid Response Vehicles.