The Market.. serving medications for the palate at Montezuma Creek Clinic

Cooking up good things at The Market... Hansley Eltsosie (far L) and his crew (L-R) Colonel Sleepy, Alden Chee and Justin Thomas are serving up some great food and beverages every day, including free coffee for visitors and patients, at the Montezuma Creek Community Health Center. They invite you to stop in next time you visit the clinic and enjoy some great culinary fare. Staff

When the new Montezuma Creek Community Health Center opened on July 27, one of the new amenities offered inside the building was the restaurant area known as The Market.

  Even though one of the first few items offered when The Market first opened was a simple ham and cheese sandwich, those who sampled the sandwich gave it rave reviews. Hansley Eltsosie, manager of The Market, smiled at the reviews and said he was glad people liked it. However, he promised that a ham and cheese sandwich would not be one of the few items on the menu for long. He’s kept his promise.

  Hansley and his crew of experienced cooks, Colonel Sleepy, Alden Chee and Justin Thomas, have  worked hard to make The Market a place where patients and visitors to the Montezuma Creek Clinic can feel welcome, and enjoy a variety of great food and drink choices.

  Hansley Eltsosie grew up in the Cahone Mesa area and attended Whitehorse High School, San Juan High School and then graduated from Monument Valley High School, in Kayenta, Arizona, in 2004. He later went on to study culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, in Scottsdale, Arizona for two years. He studied international cuisine, marketing and management. He worked at the Keg Steakhouse, in Tempe, Arizona, before taking a job as the kitchen manager at the Red Rock Day School, in Red Valley, Arizona. He worked there seven years, implementing the Farm Table Program, using local produce from farmers in the Shiprock, New Mexico area. He served breakfast and lunch for 160 students and 20 staff members each day with only three helpers. He discovered that kids really do like fresh food instead of processed foods. They loved his homemade pizza dough and fresh produce in season, compared to frozen food. 

  In March of this year he moved from the Red Rock Day School to the Aneth school, but he stayed there only three months before being offered the managers position with UNHS in mid-June. He said there have been some challenges with getting The Market up and running, but he enjoys working with UNHS. The Market offers high quality, fresh deli sandwiches made with hand cut meats and cheeses, five-minute pizza, and a menu geared toward children and senior citizen options. The Market also features a Panini Grill, fountain drinks from a free-style Coca Cola machine with over sixty flavors, free coffee (they use about 15 pounds a week), breakfast and lunch whenever the clinic is open, and reasonable prices for everything on the menu.

   “We serve quality food at reasonable prices and provide great service,” Hansley noted. “I think people are enjoying what we offer.”

  The other members of The Market’s crew include three veteran cooks with years of experience in the restaurant industry. Colonel Sleepy is a native of Hatch and a 1987 graduate of Whitehorse High School. He has been a cook for nearly forty years, working with top chefs from all over the area. Colonel has experience as the head line cook at the Ute Mountain Casino, in Towaoc, Colorado for 2-1/2 years. He spent ten years as the head cook at the Aneth Senior Center, and has experience working in restaurants in Farmington, New Mexico.

  Alden Chee’s mother and father have roots in this area, but his father was in the military. So Alden grew up living in several different places, including many years in Germany. He loved football growing up and even tried out for the World Football League, but injuries cut a promising career short. He learned a lot about the culinary arts while working at Duke’s in Bluff. He also worked for a tour guide operation in Monument Valley for a while. He and his wife, Dawn Weston, live in Montezuma Creek with their two daughters, ages 7 and 10. 

  Justin Mathews moved to Blanding when he was in the fifth grade and graduated from San Juan High in 2007. After high school he attended Phoenix College for two years focusing on general studies. He moved back to Blanding and worked at Subway for two years, and for a while at the Old Tymer Restaurant. He later moved to Riverton, Wyoming and worked as a cook at the Wind River Casino, learning culinary arts from the Executive Chefs there. In 2012 he moved back to Blanding and worked at Twin Rocks Cafe, in Bluff, including time as the Restaurant Manager. 

  Justin said he’s glad to be working at UNHS and he enjoys working with Hansley, Colonel and Alden. He also enjoys working Monday through Friday with no shift work, and spending more time with his two daughters. 

  Hansley said The Market is open Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. So the next time you’re in the new Montezuma Creek Clinic get your provider’s prescription, then visit The Market and treat yourself to something good to eat. You don’t need a prescription for their medication, just a palate in need of soothing and a healthy appetite.Hansley and crew s.jpg