New UNHS Clinic in Montezuma Creek is not a Hospital

UNHS Clinic in Montezuma Creek is a clinic.

UNHS officials have learned there is a misunderstanding among some community members in the Montezuma Creek area, regarding the new 150,000 square-foot clinic facility. Some people are calling the facility a ‘Hospital’, but that is not the case. The new facility is not a hospital, but a Community Health Center Clinic. It is not an Emergency Room or a 24-hour urgent care facility. It is a large clinic that will operate just as the current Montezuma Creek Clinic operates. It will feature additional exam rooms and services but it is not a hospital. It will have regular hours just as the current clinic does. The nearest hospital to Montezuma Creek is Blue Mountain Hospital, in Blanding. When asked whether the new clinic is a hospital, or not, UNHS Chief Operating Officer Byron Clarke noted, “Although one day we may be able to provide hospital services in Montezuma Creek, the agreements currently in place with the Indian Health Service don't provide any type of funding for that to be done in our area,” he said. “That would be wonderful if we could. I think that could change in the future, but for right now, our opportunity is to improve primary care access and provide a place for specialty provi-ders. The new clinic will have two rooms dedicated to advanced treatment during the day, only if the need arises,” Clarke added. “But those two rooms should not be viewed as emergency rooms in the sense that it is not a full-service hospital type of ER. If necessary, we could stabilize a patient, however, ambulances and patients should use a hospital ER as soon as they can in an emergency.