New Employees at Utah Navajo Health System Inc.

Dar Quealy is a native of the Salt Lake City area, who said he’s glad to be working with UNHS in a county where there are no traffic lights to speak of and no pollution. Dar began working at the UNHS Blanding Family Practice clinic the first week in February as the walk-in provider. He will see patients who come to the clinic needing to see a provider but have no appointment. Dar attended high school in Midvale, Utah, at Realms of Inquiry, a small private school. His graduating class consisted of just three students. He was the Valedictorian. After high school he studied nursing at Westminster College and became an RN. After college he worked as an RN for sixteen years at University of Utah Hospital. He explained the decision to become a nurse was an accident. A friend suggested he would be good at it and so he decided to try it. Apparently the friend was right. A patient at the U of U Hospital planted the seed that led him to become a PAC. “The more I thought about it, the more I thought I was ready for a change,” Quealy explained. “I was stuck in a rut and ready for a new challenge.” So, he entered the PAC program at the University of Utah. He said he couldn’t have finished his schooling without the help of his wife Elizabeth, whose support made it possible for him to complete his studies. Like many other U of U students, Dar did his clinical rotations with UNHS. He spent time with PAC Revina Talker at the Monument Valley Community Health Center. He said he learned a lot from Revina and she helped convince him to pursue a position with UNHS. Dar and Elizabeth have been married seventeen years and have two children, a girl – 7, and a boy age 10. His family will move to Blanding after the current school year. In his spare time Dar enjoys being with his family and spending time outside. They enjoy hiking and camping. We welcome Dar to UNHS and we look forward to having him as a provider at Blanding Family Practice. When you see him say hello and welcome him aboard.