Journey to Hózhó with Lifestyle Classes

Hózhó means peace and balance in the Navajo language. There are many teachings and stories in the Navajo culture that were passed down from when the first woman, white shell woman, was given these stories by the holy people. Hózhó applies to all areas of our lives: having peace and balance in our families, work, school, spiritual lives and in our physical bodies.

  This is an invitation to bring balance into one area, physical well-being. Hopefully, giving attention to this one area will help bring Hózhó to other areas of life as well. The balance of health is being taught through a lifestyle program offered by Utah Navajo Health System in Montezuma Creek, Monument Valley and Blanding. The focus of the class is how movement and food choices make a difference in the quality of life. It brings the teachings of how healthier living allows each of us to be more at peace, more in balance. When we eat what is good for our bodies and we move, we naturally have increased focus, energy and feel better. When we feel better, we are all better people. That is what Hózhó means - to be better people like the holy people wanted us to be.

  Diabetes is becoming a word heard by every Navajo. Many of us think there is no way around it. But diabetes can be prevented. The lifestyle classes being offered are a way to improve your health and learn for yourself about eliminating your risk of diabetes. When we apply Hózhó in our lives, we can prevent or delay developing diabetes and live a longer, fuller life with family and friends.

  The lifestyle classes provide the support of a coach and a community. There is power in Diné (the people) working together to face the problem of diabetes. If you are open to making the step toward having Hózhó in your life, contact one of the coaches below and come to an introductory class to learn more. You can also ask your health care provider how you can take control of balancing your life and preventing diabetes through a lifestyle change program.


Blanding Family Practice

Megan Burke



Montezuma Creek Clinic

Tiona Grant



Monument Valley Health Center

Bernadine Greyeyes